“Every form of discrimination- be it religious, racial, caste or LGBTQ arises because we fear
different and we separate them. Separation makes us feel superior to the other and hurt one another.” – Sri Krishnaji, Co-creator of Ekam.

“Racial discrimination suppresses people and takes away their economic, social, and cultural wellbeing. The way to resolve this situation is by developing self-reflection.” – Meng Foon, Race Relations Commissioner.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are the co-creators of Ekam, a powerhouse created to impact
human consciousness.

Among the various festivals and spiritual journeys, they created, Ekam World Peace Festival is a massive 7-day online international celebration of peace.

They believe that when humanity comes together united by one single cause and meditates for it, change can occur in many aspects of life globally. They view peace as an essential attribute of our beings that we need to awaken to, so that we can support the overall wellbeing of man.

The 3-year old peace festival has created many significant changes and miracles both in the lives of leaders and family people across the globe.

The global impact is so powerful, the outreach has grown multi-fold. Moreover, leaders from across spheres of life have aligned themselves with the cause.

The third day of the Ekam World Peace Festival is intended to end religious and racial divide, nurture harmony.

Sri Krishnaji addressing various forms of discrimination we suffer from said – “Religious
discrimination arises when the vision of awakening is lost. Racial and LGBTQ discrimination is because we fear the difference/different. The more we divide the greater the fear. The greater the fear the more we hurt one another.”

To live fighting over these superficial differences has plagued human consciousness for
generations. These differences are passed on from one generation to another in the form of
stories. We live over these unresolved differences never realizing the oneness of our existence.

He also said the only way we resolve this situation is by going beyond these superficial
differences. We need to realize: Ekam sat – vipraaha bahudhaa vadhanthi. Beyond our emotions is the one – Ekam. It is in this oneness that you touch peacefulness beyond the mind.

Today’s guest speaker was Meng Foon, a race relations commissioner from New Zealand. He appreciated the massive initiative of peace undertaken by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. With a couple of decades of experience trying to resolve the conflict between the natives and the invaders. He said, “racial discrimination affects the social, cultural, and economic wellbeing of the tribe.” It suppresses their expression. In spite of great peace talks of co-existence or cohabitat it always ended in one way – it hurt the natives much more. Speaking of the way to ease out the conflict and end peace he asked everyone to practice self-reflection. If we reflect on the pain of our past we will not give it to another. And if we can place ourselves in another’s shoes we feel their pain. We then will not be able to hurt them.

Sri Krishnaji leads 10 million people and people belonging to various races, castes, and groups through a powerful meditation.

Peace is for everyone or for none. So each day of the peace festival leads us to towards ending the conflict in various aspects of life. Tomorrow Sri Preethaji leads the scores of seekers and peace meditators from across the globe through wisdom and meditation for ending violence against nature and animals and nurturing a sense of oneness with all life.