SBI celebrates 66th Foundation Day Launch of Brand initiatives


SBI celebrates 66th Foundation Day Launch of Brand initiatives

Chennai – July 7, 2021: Marking the occasion of its 66th foundation day on 1st July 2021, the country’s largest lender, SBI has announced several initiatives and campaigns for its customers and employees. The bank has introduced a musical logo (MOGO®), launched a visual campaign dedicated to its 45 crore customers and unveiled its familiar tagline ‘The banker to every Indian’, with a refreshing look.

In an innovative brand strategy, SBI has taken a step towards sonic branding and launched its musical logo (MOGO) and MOGOSCAPE (sonic palette) creating a pleasant signature tune. SBI’s MOGO expresses the key emotions and feelings of a brand that is referred to as ‘The banker to Every Indian’. The melodic tune sounds as warm and harmonious whilst underpinning the scale and expanse of a forward-looking SBI.

Mr. Dinesh Khara, Chairman SBI, said, “Music can connect at a deep emotional level, and we intend to leverage the power of musical melody to create a holistic brand identity that all our customers can relate to, across demographics and psychographics.”

The Bank which has a rich history of over two hundred years, of which the last 66 years has been in its present form, has also launched a thematic brand campaign – ‘I am the “I” in SBI’. Iconic SBI brand with its diverse product offerings ensures that there is a relevant product for fulfilling the needs of diverse groups of customers, both in India and abroad.  The tagline of Bank has also been re-launched in a fresh avatar – “The banker to every Indian”- making it new and contemporary by giving ethnic twist in the very word ‘Indian’ is presented.

SBI also came up with an Anthem – ‘Hum Saath Hai’. The lyrics is all about how SBI is there at every stage of customer’s journey and contributes to nation building.

For more than 6 and a half decades, SBI has continued to redefine banking in India, as it aims to offer sustainable banking solutions to all segments of the society. The bank has enhanced its digital banking capabilities to cater to the millennials and the emerging young population of India. With focus and continuous innovation and strong market presence, SBI continues to march ahead with renewed vigor.

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