Middle Mist Creates Guinness Record


Middle Mist Creates Guinness Record

Chennai,  Step into a world of unparalleled opulence and artistic brilliance as Ocean Sapphire, a distinguished diamond centric unit of The KTM Jewellery, presents the pièce de résistance of their collection—Middle Mist. This extraordinary bangle, adorned with an astounding 48,975 diamonds, stands a testament to the limitless creativity and craftsmanship of team Ocean Sapphire and highlights the Pride of India.

Crafted with meticulous precision, Middle Mist is a fusion of seven distinct parts, each an embodiment of nature’s splendour. The bangle comprises six exquisitely detailed butterfly pieces, symbolizing the delicate grace and transformation found in the natural world. Additionally, nine intricately designed flowers bloom across the surface, capturing the essence of floral beauty with unparalleled intricacy. Completing the ensemble are three captivating balls, adding a touch of whimsy and sophistication to this breath-taking creation The Middle Mist has earned its place in the prestigious Guinness World Record for featuring the highest number of diamonds on a singular jewellery (Bangle) and has become the Pride of India. This extraordinary piece, aptly named after the elusive “Middlemost Red” flower, was meticulously created in India and holds the Gunnies World Record for most number of diamonds set on a single bangle.

Middle Mist We all know flowers are beautiful. But not many of us know that they are rare too! Gems, which are precious, hard to find and thus, all the way more gorgeous!.
The foundation of Middle Mist is a meticulously crafted 18K gold base, which is worth value $ 5,00,000 USD. This provides the perfect canvas for the radiant display of the diamonds, which collectively weigh 214.70 carats. The jewel, which weighs 935.11 grams, is a wearable work of art that transcends traditional jewellery with multiple diamond colours of all being first quality. It has been made by 21 workers who took 1860 hours.

The visionary team behind the world’s most diamond-laden jewellery (Bangle) was spearheaded by Mr. Wineet Ammasi, Managing Director of The KTM Jewellery Ltd. This unparalleled masterpiece required the skilled hands of 21 karigars, dedicating a staggering 1860 hours to craft every detail. Their expertise, precision, and unwavering commitment to excellence brought to life the bangle that stands as a testament to artistry & luxury, and will achieve the aim of putting India back on the No 12 spot of diamond artistry.

The KTM Jewellery Ltd is the jewellery division of the conglomerate of SCM group of companies comprises of The Chennai Silks, Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai , Teemage precast, SCM garments and many more and has a legacy of over six decades, with a multi – billion – dollar empire operating with over 50,000 employees. The KTM jewellery ltd is a silver jubilee company specializes in jewellery retail and manufacturing under the brands Sree kumaran thangamaligai and Ocean sapphire.

The Middle Mist has propelled India back to the pinnacle of the diamond trade. Just as the Kohinoor defined India’s legacy, this extraordinary bangle is set to redefine its global presence. The KTM Jewellery group, creators of this unparalleled gem, plans to showcase this marvel which is Pride of India at a private auction, ensuring its place in history as an emblem of India’s enduring brilliance in the world of fine jewellery.