‘Heal your gut, mind and emotions’ by Dimple Jangda Book launched by Dr.R.Chenraj, Actress Aathmika, & Actor Dhurva Karunakar

‘Heal your gut, mind and emotions’ by Dimple Jangda Book launched by Dr.R.Chenraj, Actress Aathmika, & Actor Dhurva Karunakar

Dimple Jangda is a gut health coach, and an author. Her clinic and academy has helped 10,000 patients & students from over 64 countries to recover from chronic diseases.
She has over half a million followers on social media and listeners from 114 countries on her podcast, who tune in every day for her health advice. Her TV show ayurveda diaries was broadcasted in English Hindi and Telugu and had 45 million viewers.

She received several awards like asia iconic awards, times brand icon, business world future masters, Indian Achievers club 40 under 40, India’s most trusted healthcare centre, honorary doctorates and is completing her PhD thesis on ayurvedic science.

Her clients and followers include Juhi Chalwa, Pharell Williams, Dev Patel, Huma Qureshi, Aditi Rao Hydari, Masaba Gupta, among others.

About the book:

Dimple has recently written the groundbreaking book, “Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions: 5 Steps to Reset Your Health with Ayurveda and Food Chemistry.”
It is already a bestseller on Amazon and ranks in Mental & Spiritual Healing.

In this comprehensive book, she shares the tools that shaped her life and advises on how you can use food to preserve your health and reverse diseases. She outlines a five-step process that will help you unlock the huge potentials of the gut and improve your gut–brain axis so it can share critical information with you on what the body truly needs.

Chief Guests for the Book Launch are Chancellor Jain University Dr.R.Chenraj Jain, Actress Aathmika & Actor Dhurva Karunakar

Dr Chenraj Jain 
An amazing book launched by Dimple jangda Heal your gut,  mind and emotions it will discipline life, the mind and food habits, and by thoughts you can develop your immunity you become a better person in life you become a philosopher and it is all about self discipline five methods of this gut will give u long way of life and you will increase your longevity my next 25years.
I am actually a good friend of Dimple jangda. I am here to support her for her book launch event in Chennai. Health is really important it’s really great thing to learn about this book as it’s very simple. It’s written about ayurveda to follow, so it’s really great to read such a book so I think everyone should read this book.
Dhurva Karunakar : 
I have come herfor the book launch event of heal your gut, mind and emotions it is a very beautiful book based on ayurveda and I am following dimple for more than one year now and I have changed lot of things in my habits I never thought I will be very much health conscious I have cut down on maida and white salt completely and using Himalayan salt on your day to day habit you are very conscious so all thanks to dimple.
Dimple jangda:
I am deeply and  humbly flattered by all the words which Aathmika, Dhurva and Chenraj has shared and deeply excited that this book will bring some changes in your life some value to your health journey even if you follow one tip it changes the direction of compass of 1 degree and destination is changed just by one goal. Just follow up with one step repeatedly as you decide not to eat french fries for a year your body is automatically going to change you are going be the owner of your health and disease. I hope this book empowers you to read this book which brings some changes in life in physical life, mental life, emotions and spiritual energetic life may all become the healthiest and kindness version of yourself.