Bounteous x Accolite Revamps Kannagi Nagar School Infrastructure Empowering Over 1500 Students 


Bounteous x Accolite Revamps Kannagi Nagar School Infrastructure Empowering, Over 1500 Students 

  • Aims to empower students with essential skills and reduce dropout rates, enabling them to become first generation graduates.
  • Dr. V. Irai Anbu inaugurated the revamped school and motivated the students

 Chennai, Bounteous x Accolite, a global leader in IT services, has undertaken a significant initiative to revitalize the Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) in Kannagi Nagar, Chennai. The company has partnered with the NGO Ladies Circle India Trust to upgrade the school’s infrastructure. Dr. V. Irai Anbu, former Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary inaugurated the revamped school that caters to 1500 students from grades 6 to 12. He motivated the students and emphasized the importance of education.

Kannagi Nagar, one of India’s largest resettlement sites, houses over 80,000 people, many displaced from their original homes by the tragic 2004 tsunami. According to a  study, only 10% of children in Kannagi Nagar had access to educational facilities. With only 2,000 school seats available for 20,000 school-going children, the area faces a 35% dropout rate among 15–18-year-olds, and 42% of students commute over 20 km to other schools. Established in 2004, GHSS has been struggling with inadequate infrastructure for years.

Before this intervention, GHSS Kannagi Nagar faced numerous challenges, including overcrowded classrooms, insufficient furniture, poor electrical fixtures and safety issues due to a lack of proper infrastructure. Recognizing these pressing needs, Bounteous x Accolite collaborated with Ladies Circle India Trust to execute a comprehensive renovation project aimed at transforming the school environment.

Key improvements included repairing roofs and floors to enhance safety, installing new benches, desks, and green boards to create more conducive learning environments, electrical upgrades and erecting a secure compound wall with a gate to bolster safety measures. Additionally, Bounteous x Accolite facilitated the setup of a modern computer lab equipped with 12 laptops and 26 desktops to boost digital literacy among students and prepare them for future academic and career pursuits.

The upgrades have had a profound impact, as evidenced by the positive feedback from students and educators. J. Jayshri, a class IX student, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “When I joined the school, the infrastructure was in a very bad state. When it rained, the water seeped through the roof, and when it was hot, it was unbearable to sit inside with no fans. Now, the new benches, freshly painted classrooms, and pleasant atmosphere make me excited to come to school every day”.

Mrs. Andeshwari, the school’s Head Mistress, highlighted the transformative impact of the initiative, stating, “The renovation has brought a renewed sense of pride and motivation among both students and teachers. The improvements have made the school safer, more functional, and instilled a sense of discipline and belonging in our students.”

“This initiative at GHSS Kannagi Nagar underscores the potential for corporate partnerships to drive meaningful change in educational institutions, setting a positive example for community involvement and social responsibility,” said Leela Kaza, Founder and Co-CEO of Bounteous x Accolite. We aim to create an environment that encourages students to enroll in the school and reach their full potential by cultivating essential skills required to become first-time graduates. We are proud to partner with Ladies Circle India Trust in this endeavor and look forward to seeing the students thrive”.  

Looking ahead, Bounteous x Accolite plans to continue supporting GHSS Kannagi Nagar with initiatives focused on holistic student development, including skill-building programs to prepare students for future academic and career opportunities.