Apollo Hospitals launches Fatty Liver Clinic at Liver Diseases & Transplantation Institute with Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tools, and Newer pharmacological treatments

Photo Caption – L to R - Dr. R. K.Venkatasalam, Director of Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals, Mr. Prashanth Thiagarajan, Indian Actor, Dr. N Murugan, Senior Consultant Hepatologist, Apollo Hospitals, Dr Vamsidhar, Consultant Hepatologist, Apollo Hospitals Dr Ashwin, Consultant Hepatologist, Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals launches Fatty Liver Clinic at Liver Diseases & Transplantation Institute with Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tools, and Newer pharmacological treatments

* Free diagnoses and consultation as a launch offer for the first 75 registration

 Chennai, Fatty liver disease is rapidly becoming a major health concern in India. Studies suggest fatty liver affects a significant portion of the Indian population, with estimates ranging from 10% to 30%. India’s growing rates of obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy lifestyles contribute heavily to fatty liver. Often symptomless in early stages, NAFLD can progress to serious complications like liver cirrhosis and liver failure if left unaddressed. Promoting healthy lifestyles with proper diet and exercise to manage weight and improve overall health.

Apollo Hospitals, renowned for its excellence in healthcare, today announces the inauguration of its latest endeavour, Apollo Fatty Liver Clinic at Liver Diseases and Transplantation Institute, Apollo Hospitals.  This cutting-edge facility introduces the game-changing diagnostic marvel, ‘FibroScan Expert 630,’ poised to revolutionize liver care and tackle Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) head-on. The Fatty Liver Clinic was inaugurated by the esteemed actor, Mr Prasanth Thiagarajan, marking a significant stride in Apollo Hospitals’ unwavering commitment to pioneering medical care.

Apollo Fatty Liver Clinic features world’s most advanced diagnostic tools and offers newer pharmacological treatments for management of fatty liver.

The key highlight, FibroScan Expert 630, a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that goes beyond the ordinary. This advanced equipment, enables new spleen stiffness measurement, an embedded ultrasound guidance system, and precise risk stratification for advanced chronic liver disease patients, it is a beacon of hope for optimised patient care.

Dr. N Murugan, Senior Consultant Hepatologist, Apollo Hospitals said, “Fatty liver disease is increasing in our country due to changing lifestyle, sedentary habits and increasing stress; approximately 35 to 40% of our adult population may have fatty liver. Around a quarter of these patients may go on to develop advanced liver disease. Technology like the Fibroscan 630 helps us to accurately assess early signs of liver damage non-invasively, and treatment can then be given to prevent progression of liver disease in these patients”

Prashanth T, Indian actor said, “I extend my heartfelt wishes to Apollo Hospitals on the inauguration of the Advanced Liver Disease and Transplantation Institute. Recognizing the growing prevalence of liver diseases among people today, initiatives like this aimed at early detection and immediate intervention are pivotal in mitigating the risk of these conditions escalating into serious illnesses. Apollo’s proactive focus on prevention by treating it in the early stage itself is truly commendable and reflects their dedication to addressing this pressing health concern.”

To celebrate this monumental launch, Apollo Hospitals is extending a gesture of care to the community. The first 75 individuals will receive complimentary check-ups at the hospital, offering an exclusive opportunity to experience advanced liver health assessments and consultations with leading specialists.

The Liver Disease and Transplantation Institute, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of liver conditions, with a unique focus on advancing care for NAFLD patients, embodies Apollo Hospitals’ mission to provide comprehensive and specialised healthcare services. This initiative is not just about treating ailments; it’s about ushering in a new era of wellness and pushing the boundaries of healthcare excellence.