ajVIT Eco Titans designs highly energy efficient vehicle offers 200 km per litre petrol

ajVIT Eco Titans designs highly energy efficient vehicle offers 200 km per litre petrol

To participate in Shell Eco Marathon in Singapore.

Chennai, Jan 14: VIT Eco Titans students designs highly energy efficient vehicle ‘ET18’ capable of going more than 200 kilometers on just a single litre of petrol. The Eco Titan will participate in Shell Eco Marathon in Singapore.

Addressing the media VIT Eco Titans team members Neelesh Kumar, Prabhat Khetarpal, Siddharth Padmanabhan, Shubhang Khare, Himanshu Agarwal said, “

Acing at the Shell Eco Marathon, Asia is our primary aim. We build super mileage cars that will define the next generation of energy efficient vehicles and will be adopted for mass production. The team participates in the international competition, Shell Eco Marathon Asia, organized by Shell every year.

Our ET’18 is the coming together of high-efficiency technology, innovation, creativity and technical precision. It is a prototype model, built to seat a single person and designed to be as lightweight as possible. Weight of a vehicle is one of the major factors which increases fuel consumption and decreases mileage. Weight reduction is achieved by the use of the very lightweight yet highly durable Aluminum 6061 to build the chassis of the vehicle.

The drivetrain of the vehicle consists of a continuous variable transmission (CVT) and lightweight sprockets which further contribute to weight reduction. The tires have alloy rims fitted with ultra-light ceramic bearings which spin like a charm. This ensures that the wheels turn smoothly with minimal internal friction, and thus, increasing the mileage of the vehicle.

The steering mechanism of ET’18 is built on the Ackerman steering geometry and has been simplified in the form of a bell-crank mechanism which allows for efficient handling of the vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes, for both rear and front wheels, which ensure optimum stopping force for the vehicle under all conditions.

A major leap in fuel efficiency is achieved from the engine powering ET’18. It is a 49cc, single cylinder GY6 engine based on designs first developed by Honda. The engine has been modified radically by removing the inefficient carburetor that is standard today in many vehicles. It has been replaced by an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) setup that is the cutting-edge technology available today to achieve fuel efficiency in automobiles. This EFI setup is regulated by a highly efficient Engine Control Unit (ECU) model, called PE-3, which is a semi programmable digital system. The engine has been fitted with a custom designed exhaust pipe which has tuned for further efficiency. Due to regulations of the Shell Eco Marathon event, the fuel pump is replaced by a pressurized pneumatic system which pushes the fuel to the injector.

The biggest gain in efficiency has been achieved by tuning the engine on a highly sensitive eddy current dynamometer facilitated by VIT. All the electrical connections on-board the vehicle have been consolidated to a custom fabricated power distribution board that eliminates redundant long wiring.

Team Eco Titans has been declared as the Best Communications team in India and runners up in Asia by Shell at the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2017.

Shell Eco Marathon

The Shell Eco Marathon challenges student teams around the world to design, build, and test ultraenergy efficient vehicles. With annual events being held at the Americas , Europe and Asia , the teams compete internationally to travel the farthest in the least amount of fuel. The events spark debate about the future of mobility and inspire young engineers to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency.

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