Light Probes and Kills Cancer

Light Probes and Kills Cancer

Radiobiophotonics a Distinct Branch in Cancer Therapy Dr.Rao V.L. Papineni

Dr Rao Papineni of Connecticut USA organized and presented mini-symposia on “Radiobiophotonics” at the 17th Asia Oceania Congress of Medical Physics (AOCMP 2017). This along with 38th Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPICON 2017) was held in Jaipur 2017.

Radiobiophotonics which is evolved in the recent past combines the power of innovations in Medicine, Radiation Physics, and Biomedical Engineering says Dr.Rao. This follow the last month’s symposium organized on the same topic at RRD 2017. Dr. Papineni chaired a symposium “Radiobiophotonics” at Radiation Research Society (RRS 2017) in Cancun Mexico last month. Highlighting research work from his own lab along with Umar, Xing, Pratx, Kotagiri, Weersink, and Pogue, Dr. Rao Papineni discussed the power of Light in both Detecting Cancer and Destroying Cancer.

Visualization via “light” coupled with “ionizing radiation” has made a profound impact both in understanding the disease mechanism and its treatment. Rapid advances in photonics also aided in bridging the physics and medicine towards the new front in Cancer Radiation Therapy. This Session brings to forefront “Radiobiophotonics” bringing to fold the rapidly growing fields pertaining to biophotonics in relation to radiobiology and Radiation Therapy. These fields, Molecular Image Guided Radiation Therapy (MIGRT), X-Ray Luminescence, Radiobioluminescence, Microscopy, Cherenkov Luminescence and it’s role in  microdosimetry, metastatic tumor phototherapy, activated nanodelivery and particle therapy beam tracking were discussed.

Normal tissue toxicity-Firewall was the second mini symposia delivered by Dr. Papineni at Jaipur. The normal tissue toxicity assessment during radiation therapy or Nuclear Accidents using Radiobiophotonics was elaborated. Cancer survivors may sometimes live with the chemo or radiation  after-effects on the Normal tissue for several decades compromising the quality of life. Most of the time it’s drastic, such that, the cancer survivor in the middle of a routine grocery purchase may involuntarily excrete fecal matter. Apart from the gastrointestinal problems, bladder control, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular issues may add on depending on the type of cancer and its treatment. Multipurpose drugs and new technologies in protection against Normal Tissue Toxicity were discussed. CT scans, dental Imaging, airport screening, high altitude flying, and nuclear accident exposure come under the ambit of contributors to Normal Tissue Toxicity. Therefore “Normal Tissue firewall” is imperative.

More on Radiobiophotonics can be accessed at–Radiobiophotonics-with-Rao-Papineni

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