Global Health City saves life of 8 year old Aisha

8 Hours of Marathon Surgery by Gleneagles Global Health City saves life of 8 year old Aisha

Hospital to bear the post-liver transplant treatment cost for a period of 3 years

Chennai, December 13, 2018: Gleneagles Global Health City successfully performed a liver transplant on an eight year old girl Aisha from Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. The girt had been suffering from liver cirrhosis due to Wilson’s disease, for which the anly cure was a liver transplant Doctors perfarmed a 8 hour long critical lifesaving transplant surgerv on Aisha. Post transplant, village all her liver function tests are normal and she is fit to go back to her village.

Doctors at Gleneagles Global Health City decided for an urgent liver transplant as her health was deteriorating day by day. Since her parents couldn’t afford the cost of liver transplant Gleneagles Global Health City in a special drive collected fund through social media to meet her medical expenses for transplant.

In an unique initiative, Gleneagles Global Health City. a Parkway Pantai Enterprise, decided ear the post-transplant treatment cost for a period of 3 years as she hails from a low socio-economic background.

The Successful transplant was made possible by a team of doctors comprising of Dr Vi. Dr joy Varghese, Dr Selvakumar Malleeeswaran and Dr Rajanikanth Patcha V from the Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation, Gleneagles Globai Health City.

Speaking about the Patient’s transplant, Dr Joy Varghese, Director Hepatology& Transplant Hepatology, Gleneagles Global Health City said “Aisha suffered from a rare genetic disorder called wilson’s disease that causes copper poisoning in the body. In a healthy body the liver regulates copper absorption and metabolism. In her condition the extra copper was retained by the liver which eventually led to liver failure. Liver transplant was the only viable option to save her from the life threatening condition”.

Dr ViJ, Director-HPB & Transplant Surgery “Considering her critical state and recent medical history of surviving after cardiac arrest, she was high risk candidate for liver transplant. We decided to perform an urgent liver transplant surgery on her. She made an uneventful recovery.

Dr K. Ravindranath, Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospltals Group said “Considering her family background, Gleneagles Global health city has decided to adopt the girl for next three vears far her post;transplant treatment and we are thankful to the donors who had respo to our request and had contributed for her surgery in a such short span of time”.

Dr Rajanikanth Patcha V, Senlor Consultant- HPB & Transplant Surgery said “timely donation from the relative was the key for success in this liver transplant.”

It is important to note that over 400 millian people are affected with liver ailments. Of these 50 millian are children. Every year, around 3 lakhs deaths are attributed to liver diseases in India. With increasing success in liver transplantation, there is an encouraging raise in the number of liver donars.

Her parents and well-wishers expressed their gratitude to each and every contributor who rendered their support. They thanked them for providing a new life and enlightening the dark path of Aisha’s life.

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