Fortis Malar Hospital achieves significant milestone by completing 200 Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgeries

Fortis Malar Hospital achieves significant milestone by completing 200 Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgeries

 Holds the record of completing the knee replacement surgeries in less than 45 minutes with 99 percent success rate and less than 1 percent revision rate

Chennai,  Doctors at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai’s leading multi-specialty hospital, successfully completed 200 Bilateral Knee Replacement surgeries here today. This significant clinical feat was achieved by team of doctors led by Dr A B Govindaraj, Chief Consultant Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Fortis Malar Hospital. Over the past four years, Fortis Malar holds the record of successfully completing 500 knee replacement surgeries in more than 300 patients with 99% success rates. These milestones highlight the excellent clinical and patient care it offers for an end to end solutions under one roof.

Fortis Malar Hospital has pioneered in the field of knee replacement surgery as it treated patients suffering from advanced end stage arthritic knee disorders to patients with knee injuries. Challenging surgeries were performed on patients suffering from serious disabilities like chronic renal failure, gross obesity, Parkinson’s and stroke affected patients.

Speaking at the endeavor, Dr. A B Govindaraj said, “Bilateral Knee Replacement is a game changer in today’s fast world and avoids unnecessary dual hospitalization. Today, this surgery has become one of the successful surgical procedures and patient perception is by and large positive because it improves quality of life. The main advantage of this surgery is that the person becomes fully mobile and independent. We were able to achieve this by putting together an excellent team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and support staff. We are sufficiently equipped to perform the surgeries and rehabilitate the patients in record time.”

Knee replacement surgery is one of the complex surgical procedures. In this procedure, the affected knee is replaced with an artificial joint.The approximate duration of surgery is a total of two hours for both the knee replacements and the patients can resume to normal work in six weeks.

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