Splash Reloaded 2.0 – Palladium Mall

Splash Reloaded 2.0 – Palladium Mall

Splash – The largest fashion retailer in the Middle East, with highly successful stores across 14 countries, opened their latest at Palladium Chennai. A trendsetter in every way, Splash India has 18 stores across 11 cities. Awarded the Super Brand title in 2013 and Power Brand in 2014, Splash had a grand opening on Saturday, May 5 th at Palladium Chennai bringing its total retail space to over 2.8 million sq ft. Showcasing their latest summer collection for men, women and teens, the grand event included a stunning Rs. 1000 gift voucher presented to its first 100 customers.

On this occassion Abhinav Zutshi COO Splash india said.” India is a diverse and exciting market. With changing customer preferences it is important that brands understand and adapt to the needs of the market and present themselves in ways that can excite and engage customers.”

Headquartered in Dubai, Splash is part of the Landmark Group, founded in 1993. The brand celebrates fashion in its true sense with its tagline ‘In Love with Fashion’. Their biannual fashion shows and yearly limited edition calendar launches have become part of the social timetable. The never before seen, new summer collection will be showcased at the launch and will follow the Splash philosophy of gorgeous clothes that are fun, exciting and affordable. Perfect for the season and the city.

Abhinav Zutshi leads Splash in India and as COO brings with him an in-depth knowledge of the diverse segments of the retail sector. With an extensive 15 years of experience in retail, distribution, buying, merchandising, and brand management, he will head the growth and expansion plans for the brand operations across India. Part of which was this exciting launch at Chennai’s most premium retail location.

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